Green Stripe – represents the Country’s vegetation and land resources.
Yellow Stripe – represents the country’s mineral wealth.
Red Stripe – represents the blood spilt during the liberation struggle.
Black Stripe – represents the black majority.
White Triangle – represents peace

The Bird – the bird is the national emblem of Zimbabwe which also features on the coat of arms and the currency. The Image was derived from carved soapstone birds found at the Great Zimbabwe ruins in the late nineteenth century. All the carvings were taken away from the country and all but one have been returned. Legend has it that peace will never return to Zimbabwe until all of the artifacts have been returned to their rightful place.

The Star – The red star which is located behind the Zimbabwe Bird represents the nation’s aspirations, internationalism and the ruling party’s socialist credentials.

Let’s Learn!

Zimbabwe is a land locked, african country which borders South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana.
It’s most famous areas are that of Victoria Falls on the Zambian border and the Zambezi national park.
The currency is currently the US dollar.
All people are educated in English but the countries first language is called Shona.
Some useful phrases for you to learn are:
Hello- Yesi
How are you? Muribhoo
I am good. Diribhoo
Good morning /How are you-Mangwanani/ Mamukaseyi
Good afternoon/ How are you- Masikati/ Masweraseyi
Good evening- Manherru
What time is it? Ingurvai
Water- Mvura
Run- Mhanhya
I would like some water – Ndiri cudo mvura
Numbers 1-10:
1) Poshi
2) Piri
3) Tatu
4) China (Eena)
5) Shanu
6) Tanhatu
7) Nhomwe
8) Sera
9) Phumbamwe
10) Gumi
Some church phrases:
Thank-you Jesus- Ndinotenda
You are faithful-  Makatendeka
Mazuva, mazuva ose (ose Baba) makatendeka Jesu! – Everyday, every hour. You are faithful oh Lord!