Thank you for visiting our Support page – and Thank You in advance for any support we receive!

 You can support us in any of these ways:

  • Prayer Support
  • By regularly checking our website for new information
  • By signing up to receive a monthly newsletter
  • One off donation – just click the stewardship donation button
  • Regular giving (for the school)
  • Regular giving (for us personally)
  • Donation of goods/ resources

Stewardship Donations

You can give a one-off or regular donation via Stewardship – secure online portal for donations, including Gift Aid

Stewardship Donations

The future

Any donations will be used for resourcing the school project, assisted education places, teacher training, SEND provision and cost of living.

I’d like to help! What can I do?

Follow the link above to Stewardship Donation and support with a one off, or regular giving.

Contact us via the contact form for any further information, questions, comments, queries….or just to chat!