Miracles upon miracles

Incredibly, we have completed week one of WMS! 1 inset day followed by 4 days with children and we have 30 pupils! Around a third of our pupils have some form of additional need including autism, dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, childhood trauma and adhd.

The project involves 3 main learning spaces called Rainbow, River and Mountain, as well as an intervention learning space called Sunshine, and the beginnings of a sensory room called Bubbles! (Most reading this will notice A had a lot of say in naming those last two rooms!) We have a mix of ages/grades in each learning space and learners cross over spaces depending on their academic need for each curriculum area.

We also have a library in process which J has taken on as his project and is excited to grow and develop as he creates international connections with his previous school in England. He is also excited to begin a school council and encourage others in the school to work collaboratively with him to ensure the environment we are creating is sustainable and best supports every learner we have in the space.

The pool on the property has been under refurbishment and we are hoping to begin swimming lessons this week. We are also opening the property to the other school the foundation has, in order for their children to have access to such an opportunity also.

We have also completed our first teacher training, from the National College, on managing behaviour in the classroom of children with SEND. Again this is for our own staff, as well as other teaching professionals we have invited to join. What we have, we share!!

We are feeling the joy and seeing everyone SMILE every day! (SMILE: Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday!)

Thank you for walking the walk with us.